Panamera 4S – A fond farewell

Last week I said goodbye to my Panamera, it may sound stupid but I always have a moment of sadness when I bid farewell to a car. It was especially hard this time because I have no new toy to transfer my affections to, so I have the car blues.

Why did I do it? It was just time, I had one of the first Panamera’s delivered to Monaco, if not the first, it won’t be long before the new version starts to pop up on our radar screens. Mine had been for sale for ages without any serious interest because our Italian friends across the border, neck-deep in the financial crisis, have broken the car market and are almost giving cars away and we unfortunately suffer the consequences. Anyway, bygones be bygones and some lucky bastard has got himself a pristine car – our cars look just as good when we sell them as when we take delivery- if not better!

The buyer loved the car – of course! How many perfectly kitted Panamera’s are you going to find in white, black leather interior, red seat belts and red dials! She was gorgeous although I never did come to terms with the rear end of the car but then again I still haven’t come to terms with my rear end! Here is the last picture as I walk away to greener pastures, of the smaller, nippier kind I believe… watch this space!

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